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the legacy project coming Jan 2022

The mission of the Blake Center for the preservation of North Alabama's Art & History would not be complete without an investment in the future. We view each opportunity to educate our youth about art and history as that investment.

The Blake Center is passionate about teaming up with local artist and historians to organize an Annual Youth Painting and Local History Workshop, the legacy project.

Our goal is to assist raising tomorrow’s leaders and do our part to investing in their creative and intellectual capacity. The workshop gives participates the opportunity to learn from skilled professionals making a way for the ‘torch’ of knowledge to be passed on to the next generation.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting project and assist us in anyway please contact us.

Calling Emerging Artists age 17-22!

    The Blake Center is hosting a FREE two-day Art & History workshop January 2022. This unique weekend workshop is designed for those who aspire to cultivate their talent and skills into a future art/history career. promising students (between the ages of 17-22) will be selected based on their skills, passion and experience as reflected in an original essay submitted to the Center for review. An orientation will take place Friday evening to kick off the weekend. The workshop will run from 9am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.


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